Hisyam Negotiator

Pertanyaan lanjut atau temujanji,

Anda Nak Jual Rumah?

Nak tahu pasaran semasa?

Tak tahu prosedur jual beli?

Tidak mempunyai masa untuk menguruskan hartanah anda?

Sudah cuba untuk menjual tetapi tidak berjaya?

Penat melayan kerenah dan ragam bakal pembeli?

Bagaimana untuk memastikan matlamat anda tercapai?

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Sell your property with us; We make it easy.

You want to sell a property, that’s clear. Love Your Leena Property Group can accurately value your property and market it online and offline to generate rapid interest in an exceptionally short period of time. When selling, you will benefit from an expert agent that knows the local property market. If you appoint us as your estate agent, we will promote your property for you on the leading property portals and our group socmedia.

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We offer you a full range of solutions whilst also providing a range of building services that are cost effective and non-intrusive.

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